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Home Equity Loan Eastwood VICUncertain Which Kind of Home Loan Is Best For Your Needs In Eastwood VIC?

There are thousands of different home mortgages readily available, and it is usually difficult to know which one is ideal for your requirements. Our extensive overview will assist you understand the world of home mortgage.

Know Exactly How Different Kinds of Loans In Eastwood Could Benefit You

Fixed and variable rates might be the best distinction between home mortgage kinds, yet there are a whole host of specialized items made for various circumstances. While new customers might not require every one of these – it’s difficult to see why they might call for a reverse home mortgage, for example – it’s worth knowing the details for when you encounter them throughout your research.

Introductory Rate/ Honeymoon Loans

This is a product intended directly in the beginning property buyers, and one which you’re most likely to come throughout a lot. Additionally known as honeymoon loans, due to the ‘honeymoon period’ throughout which you pay a reduced interest rate, these loans usually offer an extremely inexpensive rate for a first period of time –  skillfully created to catch a home loan seeker’s eye. Nevertheless, this reduced rate just lasts for a limited period – generally One Year, though some loan providers offer the discount for just six months, or for as much as 3 or four years.

The initial rate can take a couple of forms, the first being a ‘fixed discount’ and the second being a ‘discounted fixed’ rate.

Construction Loans 

This, as the name suggests, is a kind of loan you could come across if you’re starting from scratch with your house.

When developing a brand-new home, you will not need the whole quantity of the loan drawndown at one time. If you did this, you would certainly be making interest repayments on the entire amount right from the start as well as not just on the amount required at the time. Construction of a house is generally split into five phases.

These are as follows:

  • Purchase of the land
  • The pad floor –  additionally referred to as ‘holders and joists’ for wood floors).
  • Roof covering (normally consisting of frames.
  • Lock up.
  • Final.

To relieve the monetary concern during the construction phase, construction loans are normally interest-only. The interest rate might be a little above that charged on typical residential loans, but should be less than that of a line of credit/equity rate.

Reduced repayments

Throughout construction, loan payments are interest-only, payable only on the quantity of the loan that has actually been drawndown, which indicates reduced repayments.

Peace of mind

The fact that repayment is delivered to the building contractor in stages suggests that cash is not paid till the building contractor’s job can be checked and approved by the borrower.


The borrower can borrow against the value of the residential or commercial property as if it were finished, as opposed to borrowing only against the value of the land or the existing property.

This saves the debtor money and time in terms of going back for more cash in case the fund runs out throughout construction.

Low-Doc Loans

Another of our common specialist products is the low document or ‘lowdoc’ loan. These have been readily available for a number of years. At first, they were only offered by non-bank loan providers yet as traditional financial institutions began losing market share in this area they included them in their variety of financing products. They fell out of favour rather during the GFC, yet are going back to the market as confidence grows.

Low-Doc and Non-Conforming Loans

It is essential to be knowledgeable about the distinction between low-doc and nonconforming loan products. While both waive the requirement to view and retain copies of the applicant’s income tax return and monetary statements, low-doc loans are almost exclusively readily available to those with an unblemished credit history, are home loan guaranteed, and normally do not intend to borrow more than 80% of the security’s value.

Non-conforming loans, on the other hand, are home mortgages that do not conform to a loan provider’s common loan underwriting criteria. This might consist of circumstances where the applicant has a poor credit report, or who could not have been employed long enough to reveal a history of gaining an income. Nonconforming loans could go beyond 80% of the security’s worth and the interest rate is based on the severity of the credit rating.

A low-doc loan is made to a borrower with a clean credit history. Therefore the most crucial factor for the lender to consider is the value of the asset being utilized as security.

Other Common Loan Types In Eastwood VIC

Bridging loans

In most cases, vendors (sellers) placing their homes on the market will be selling with the intent to buy another property, or purchasers could be waiting on completion of the sale of an existing property prior to purchasing a brand-new one.

If there is a mortgage on either of the existing properties, things can obtain a little complicated if the sale of the existing residential or commercial property will certainly not happen till after settlement of the new one. To reduce the stress as well as allow completion of purchase for the brand-new property, ‘bridging finance’ could be arranged.

Line of credit/equity line

A line of credit is similar to having a big chequebook, nonetheless with interest accumulating on the balance. A line of credit, or equity line as they’re often called, is an authorized limitation of loanings that you could utilize a piece-at-a-time, or all at once.

Reverse mortgages

The reverse home loan was presented to the marketplace to cater for retired people wishing to benefit from the equity they have in their house as well as use it to supplement their retirement income. Primarily, retirees could use this type of loan to borrow cash against the equity they have in their residential or commercial property, as well as have it paid to them in either a lump sum or in installments, depending upon the loan provider included.

What Type Of Home Equity Loan In Eastwood Is Right For You?

Whether you are planning to acquire your first home, move home, refinance, or invest in property, a home loan broker can help. Access loans from all the major lenders, obtain help with paperwork – plus there is no charge for this solution. Get help from a local home mortgage broker now.